Leaders Brace for a New Normal Amidst COVID-19

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June 23, 2020

Leaders lead and during a pandemic, leaders find even better ways to lead.  Employees need guidance and expect direction when norms are disrupted.  It is especially important to check on your staff and employees during this unusual time. 

  • Set guidelines for working virtually.  Be specific with timelines.
  • Set clear expectations.  Don’t take for granted employees will automatically know what is expected. 
  • Hold meetings regularly to stay engaged with employees.
  • Take time to call employees for one-on-one conversations to show genuine concern. 

Embracing technology benefits organizations to reach a wider audience and expand their clientele. Technology now becomes a huge marketing tool like never before.  To embrace technology as we enter a new normal and employees may continue to work from home.  Technology will improve productivity in new ways.  

  • Social media platforms keep you engaged and informed about current issues.
  • Use video conferencing and conference calls to maintain meetings.  
  • Identify platforms that are relevant to your industry to keep business structures as normal as possible. 

Some under arching issues that have become prevalent during this crisis should not be ignored.  Not everyone can handle the pressure that comes with work independence.  We are talking about employed and unemployed at this point.  Employees working from home will need some type of structure. Those individuals now finding themselves unemployed and will need to figure out how to manage during this time.  

  • Depression is on the rise due to the emotional toll this pandemic is having on so many individuals.  
  • Family relationship issues are also on the rise.  Mainly due to having so much time spent together.  
  • Being productive may even become an issue if there is not a designated space to work.  

Leaders should be prepared for managing from a distance as issues arise. Preparing a futuristic plan now will inform decisions as we embrace a new norm in business practices. 

Minorities and marginalized communities are adversely affected during this crisis.  As businesses are an extension of the community, we must support them and our colleagues.  Identifying support groups to assist individuals in need must be a part of the process.  As leaders, we should ensure that resources are available to employees. 

  • Add COVID-19 guidelines to your website for easy retrieval. 
  • Have employees take daily temperatures and offer COVID-19 testing if possible.  
  • Form support groups as an outlet for employees.  There are several platforms you can use to implement this process.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  This is probably the most important.  Help is available and we are all in this together.  We will have to get through it together as well. 


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