At FHS we cultivate healthy solutions to Diversity issues through Education, Training, and Execution.

Our Services


Baseline data helps set realistic goals, measure progress, and shape strategies. This tool serves as the launching pad to a more inclusive future. Providing clarity through data with a complex topic. Results from a diversity summit starts a conversation among employees and management in an effective way creating a platform for healthy dialogue within the organization.

Policy Management

We specialize in creating healthy solutions to diversity and inclusion needs with excellence. Our forward-thinking approach anticipates the next steps to ensure compliance..

Compliance Audit

External audits provide transparency. A starting point determines where you are and where you want to be as a company. The audit will provide the data for where you are. Compliance is where you want to be. FHS will thoroughly compile an investigative measure of your company practices as they currently operate.

Training / Workshops

Inclusion is not just the right thing to do ethically and morally, but it is the right thing to do for business. The benefits include improvements to the bottom line, retention, culture, and brand. With this hands-on approach to training, you will experience dynamic speakers, informative content, and applicable tools for measurable excellence.


Engagement is shared ownership and vision with accountability. The ability to lean in, incorporating trust and commitment. FHS walks beside leaders to build a more inclusive future with an emphasis on execution.


Our values embrace equality, honesty, integrity, diversity, relationship-centered, philanthropic, and innovative leadership. 


Ensuring an equal opportunity for all individuals to showcase their talents while embracing their differences. Giving everyone a voice and an option to express, grow, engage, and excel.


Being true to our practice and believing what we teach allows FHS to provide an unbiased perspective representing moral character in our approach. 


A reputation of intellectual integrity and moral principles is humbling.


Diversity encaptures more than inclusion. Diversity measures our ability to share differences, build relationships, and be creative thinkers. 


Recognizing the need to build relationships captures the framework needed to develop healthy solutions.


Giving back is our passion driven by self-expectation. We take seriously the phrase “to whom much is given, much is required.” Good deeds are not for show of generosity, rather to promote the welfare of those less fortunate.

Innovative Leadership

Creative thinking inspires greatness and captures key ideas. Leaders embrace the idea of inclusion to drive productivity.

What Makes FHS Unique:


Mother/Son duo providing expertise in the field


Over 30 years of professional experience in management & leadership


Relatability to diverse audiences with personal, individual experiences.

Our Proven Process

An evidence-based research approach to training and learning which includes discovery, plan submission, service delivery, solution implementation, and follow-up to follow-through.


Measurable solutions to diversity issues providing a healthy hands-on approach.

What We Do

We count everyone by embedding diversity practices and inclusion performances into all aspects of our work. Assessments and measurements guide our decision-making without regard to these protected classes: race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, marital status, veterans, or any other discrimination.

At FHS, we focus on a systematic process of integration encompassing three key areas: education, training, and execution. Our clients receive an extensive organizational review with oversight to improve and sustain diversity and inclusion practices and performances.

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Client Reviews

“Thank you for enlightening us to new directions. Simplifying our processes has led to increased revenue and happier employees. Your knowledge is immeasurable.”

-Director of Dignity

“You created an inclusive space and made it safe for our team to be open and honest. We continue to use your techniques”

-CEO of Mentoring Non-Profit

“Continue to share your experiences to help others. You have a unique way of grabbing attention and maintaining it. We are looking forward to your next conference.”

-HR Director of Lions

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