Agenda For Leadership Retreat

I. Leverage New Ideas & Trends (75-minutes)

  1. Define Workplace Culture
  2. Management Responsibilities
  3. Values in Action

15 minute Break

II. Grow Cultural Competencies (60-minutes)

(Facilitated Breakout Discussion)

  1. Case Study Breakdown

III. Accelerate Creative Strategies (30-minutes)

  1. Breakout Group: Active Learning Activity

IV. Enhance Leadership Skills (45-minutes)

  1. Discussion and Dialogue

V. General Session (15-minutes)

  1. Enhanced Peer Learning

Seminars and Webinars

An intimate atmosphere for learning provides an opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals in a smaller setting. Connect with peers Diversity bonding strategies are designed to impact individual thinking. Exercises entertain, engage and explain.


Meet, learn, engage, with industry peers. Conferences bring people together, strangers, friends, colleagues, building a network. Learning from experts and leaders in the industry. FHS conferences offer new trends and creativity in diversity practices.

Diversity Breakfast

Diversity Breakfast is a networking event meant to engage, educate, and enlighten participants. A platform with great food and dynamic speakers where you will meet like-minded individuals looking to increase their knowledge while exploring healthy solutions to diversity.

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